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China’s Threatens to Take Amazon’s Place in Europe, a top China-based online retailer is threatening to portion out a share of Amazon’s revenue in Europe. And the company’s boss Mr. Liu Qiangdong is confident that operations will kick off in most countries within the continent in just a few years.

Liu said France would host JD’s first European e-commerce store and shipping services, but plans are underway to launch similar platforms in Germany and the United Kingdom and will include services like handling worldpay complaints.

 The company also opened offices in London and an AI (artificial intelligence) Research Laboratory in Cambridge to help ease the running of operations.

The CEO disclosed that JD has set aside 1 billion euros, as a minimum, to utilize in two years of building the company’s logistics network for the first time in France and is looking to compete against Amazon come 2019. Amazon, on the other hand, has put 15 …