Aprilia Launches Latest RSV4, Very Limited Amount

Follow Ducati, Yamaha and Honda who sell motorcycles with Moto GP technology to the public, Italian automotive manufacturer Aprilia joined this trend. Aprilia motorcycles RSV4 1100 is a special series of Aprilia Racing Moto GP – specifications complementing the previous model of the Factory Works (FW) WSBK version.

The Aprilia track-only product has a 65-degree V4 engine like the RSV4 RR. For RSV4 1100, the engine will produce 250 horsepower. RS-GP15 based motorcycle that strengthens the Aprilia team in Moto GP.

The 1100cc FW-GP engine is equipped with a pneumatic valve actuation. A valve control system that relies on wind pressure, not as per as in conventional valve control.

Aprilia RSV4 1100 enthusiasts were not only getting Moto GP-specific sports bike, but also other special services. Aprilia Racing, headquartered in Noale, will provide a kind of contract so that consumers can ask the technician for the individual configuration of his motorcycle. Complete with technical reports on the development of their motorbikes.

Of course, the modification is tailored to the needs and budget of the consumer. Service that is like that of a racing team to a professional racer. The service is more complete with pass and paddock during Aprilia Track Day if consumers want to feel the sensation of being a world racer on the track.

If previously Aprilia RSV4 1100 was the fastest product, now the RSV4 X Limited Edition is more frightening. The motor with engine capability that reaches 225 hp is getting stronger because the overall weight is only 165 kilograms like a vehicle in MotoGP.

Not until there, Aprilia RSV4 X Limited Edition is said to have no neutral transmission. This means that this very motor has only a transmission gear configuration 1 to 6.

As a supporter, the vehicle is equipped with an Akrapovic exhaust made from full titanium, Brembo GP-4 MS brakes on the front and Pirelli slicks tires.

Become more frightening because this motorbike is not equipped with headlights, turn signal, mirrors and of course the pillion seat. With the dominant color of black being melted, it seems that this product is the fastest variant they have ever made.

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