Your *Top 5* Favorite Products of December

December Best Sellers

Happy New Year! Before we say goodbye entirely to 2022, we wanted to share a recap of the favorite products you all loved during the month of December. Many of you stocked up on elevated basics and I have to say GOOD FOR YOU. A great wardrobe starts with the basics and without them, the other fun, exciting, and sparkly pieces you love simply can’t work. If your new year is starting out with a closet edit you may want to consider a few wardrobe staples that lay a perfect foundation in any outfit formula and make getting dressed so much easier. Keep scrolling for YOUR top 5 favorites plus a bonus.

See how I style the #1 December favorite and some super cute activewear sets here!

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I don’t know about you, but one thing that definitely keeps me motivated and consistent when it comes to staying active is cute and flattering activewear! Since many of us establish new fitness goals at the start of the new year, I thought this would be a great time to share some fun and versatile activewear looks…that are also affordable! My goal this year in terms of fitness is to stay active. period. That might mean long walks with my dog Traveler, hikes in our gorgeous mountains here in Telluride, or a few standing pushups in between Zoom calls!

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10 Heart-shaped Purses Trend That Everyone Obsessed Right Now

10 Heart-shaped Purses Trend That Everyone Obsessed Right Now

The heart-shaped purse is making huge comeback, and it’s not just for Valentine’s Day. Since the heart-shaped trend all over Tumblr and MySpace in the 2010s, the comeback of the period, we’re seeing a resurgence of these “girly” pieces, including all things red and any statement detailed on a purse.

Whether you’ve been in the falling-in-love phase or just love these heart-shaped accessories, trust us when we say heart-shaped purses will be a chic addition to your wardrobe. Seriously, it’s the perfect touch to any party outfit, valentine’s day date, or whether it’s a summer wardrobe or on vacation with the family.

The most popular Heart-shaped Purses You Need To Check Out Now;

Heart bag may not recognize it intrinsically, but its motifs speak to something much deeper than subcultures. It has to do with dressing for psychological comfort at a time when things are still very uncertain. Many fashion