Best Backpack for you who like traveling

Who doesn’t like to travel? Adventure to exciting new places is an effective way to get rid of boredom. When you want to travel, of course you have to prepare a variety of adventure equipment that is concise and easy to carry anywhere.

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One of the mandatory equipment for traveling is a backpack backpack. This backpack or backpack is used to hold the things you carry while traveling. Backpack backpack is designed specifically for traveling, this can be seen from the various features applied to backpacks. Like the storage capacity of goods, rigging, and designs that are adjusted to ease your load.

For that, we will present articles about some of the best backpacks for you who like traveling, complete with prices and reviews. But before that, we will share knowledge about how to choose backpack backpacks and how to care for them.

How to choose a backpack for traveling

There are several criteria that you must follow before choosing a backpack that suits your traveling needs. Here are some tips you can follow before choosing a backpack:

• Pay attention to the quality of the material used

Before choosing a backpack, you should pay attention to the quality of the material used on the backpack. There are various materials commonly used in making backpacks, such as parachutes, canvas, nylon or cordura.

Generally, backpacks made from synthetic parachutes are more desirable than those made from other materials. The parachute is waterproof, so your backpack is safer against various weather conditions.

• Pay attention to the loading capacity

Backpacks are usually designed in different capacities. If you want to travel for a long time, choose a backpack with a large capacity like 35 liters, 40 liters, or 50 liters.

However, if you want to venture to places that are not too far away and in a short time, you can choose a backpack with a smaller capacity, such as 10 liters or 20 liters.

• Choose backpack backpack feature that makes it easy for you when traveling

After observing the quality of the material and the capacity of the material, then you can pay attention to the features embedded in the backpack you choose.

There are many features that are embedded in a backpack. Some backpack manufacturers even offer anti-theft features on the latest backpacks. This feature makes your backpack more secure, because it is made without gaps that allow evil hands to steal things in your bag.

Another feature that has the most demand is a special storage space for cameras and laptops. Backpack backpacks that carry this feature usually have a special storage space that makes your camera or laptop device safer from shaking.

How to care for a backpack to be more durable

After you buy a backpack, you should know how to care for a backpack to be more durable and can be used for a long period of time. Here are ways you can take care of backpacks:

• Limit the weight of the cargo you carry

Even though the backpack backpack you choose has a large capacity, it doesn’t mean you can put a lot of things in. For example, your backpack has a capacity that can hold up to 50 liters, you must limit the load to a maximum of 40 liters. That way, your backpack will be more durable and comfortable when used.

• Clean backpack backpacks at least every two months

Do not let the stain stick too long on the backpack, which later will be difficult to clean. Even backpack backpacks that have never been used are still required to be cleaned.

Clean your backpack at least every two months, so that all stains, dirt and fungus that stick to disappear. Use a soft brush when rubbing the dirt on it. If necessary, you can use soapy water.

• Store the bag in a dry place

To be more durable, you can store backpacks in a closet or cardboard box. Make sure the place you use to keep the backpack stays dry, so that your backpack is safe from mold and dust.

If possible, you can hang a backpack in a dry cupboard. If not, you can also coat the backpack with airtight plastic or cloth.

• Add pads or paper in the bag

Why are backpack backpacks displayed in stores filled with pads or paper? This is done to maintain the original shape of the backpack. This method you can do when the backpack is not used.

It’s best to avoid stacking bags with other objects, or in a sleeping position, because this will damage the original shape of your backpack.

• Use silica gel

Never throw away the silica gel that you find when buying a new backpack. Silica gel can still be used to make your backpack more durable. The silica beads wrapped in paper serve to absorb water and moist air on a backpack.

You can insert silica gel in every bag in a backpack. That way, your backpack will be protected from the humid air that carries fungi, bacteria and water particles which if left unchecked will make your backpack damaged.