Psychology Behind Online Shopping: Why It’s So Addicting

Online shopping is more than a hobby for those who get a thrill out of traversing the biggest mall in the world: the internet. It’s also a sport.

How else to explain Monica Corcoran Harel’s reaction to the news that there’s a flash sale at one of her favorite online stores? “I get very, very excited and incredibly competitive,” she says, hitting refresh over and over to land the best deal. If a family member happens to enter the room while she’s hovered over her computer, “I’m like, ‘flash sale! I have a flash sale!’” ​​In other words: do not disturb.

Corcoran Harel, 53, who lives in the Los Angeles area and runs Pretty Ripe, a lifestyle newsletter for women over 40, has been shopping online for years. She relishes the ability to visit dozens of shops at once, comparing prices before clicking “buy now,” and the promise of

Michigan law aims to make online shopping safer, more transparent

Online marketplaces like Amazon will now need to disclose contact information of sellers on their site under a two-bill package signed into law earlier this month, which also would give prosecutors more power to go after online organized crime rings.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer gave a final OK to the bills earlier this month, which are now known as Public Act 152 and Public Act 153. The former of the two, Whitmer noted, was her 900th bipartisan bill to be signed during her administration and she praised it as protecting “families and consumer safety by requiring transparency and cracking down on criminals who sell counterfeit or stolen products online.”

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Rep. Mark Tisdel (R-Rochester Hills), sponsor of now PA 153, said in a statement that the bills would serve to “protect shoppers from the entanglements of the

Online Shopping Tips

A study conducted by Forrester reported that in the days leading up to the holiday, consumers who shop online are increasing. The happy not only are the selling websites, but also the “digital shop” As the more transactions, the more likely they get what they want. How to avoid the interference of these criminals? Here are 10 safe guides to do online buying:


1. Do a research on the place website

You shop These tips should be done if you shop like an online outfit on a website you are not familiar with. Check the seller’s phone number and contact them. If not convincing, visit Google or Yahoo search engine then enter the name of the website. Look for reviews from their customers. If anything goes wrong, please, just leave that website.

2. Read carefully the website policy against your personal data

Do not get in the policy there …