Five Reasons As To Why You Go For Slate Stone Tiles

It is not an exaggeration to say that slate stone tiles ever remain at the summit of fashion and in the forefront of the style, amazingly durable and exquisitely beautiful. This metamorphic interior stone tiles possesses natural cleft that lends a layered look. Slate tiles are so versatile that they can aesthetically be chiseled so as to render a magnificent look to any structure. These tiles are extensively used for both residential and commercial constructions because of remarkable features. Most of the construction companies and home owners prefer slate tiles for the elegant constructions and to lay extraordinary impact on the places, since they are deemed fit material with vibrant colors and patterns.

There are five reasons which make slate tiles immensely popular across the world:

  • Heating resistance is one of the significant features of slate stone tile that is used as a splendid surface for countertops, benchtops, and tabletops because of its thermal stability and chemical resistance. Thermal resistance also happens to be in keeping with causing radiant heat and cool for warming and cooling up the place.
  • Slate tiles are touted as a non slippery stone despite that they are wet and greased. It is a matter of an acute concern when the floor is slippy, and the concern becomes acutest, especially when the home is inhabited by small kids. Slatestone tiles flooring is the most preferred option for flooring because of slippery resistance. Slate tiled floor or surface is thoroughly safe to walk on, even though it is awash or greased.
  • As we know that most of the natural stone tiles are expensive and unaffordable to many and difficult to maintain because of costly polish, sealer, and cleaning materials. Where as slate tiles are economical, even imported slate stone is less expensive than lowly indigenous marble and granite tiles. It requires a simple and homely cleaning method like washing the floor with soap and detergent and mopping dry, unlike others which need rigid cleaning chemicals.
  • Slate tile is the most versatile covering that can be used for wall, floor, and any other places of the building like a basement, washroom, kitchen, and so on. It is so robust that it can resist to high traffic and heavy weight and so durable that it can last for long.
  • Other important reasons to choose slate tiles are their readily abundant availability and a wide stream of colors. They come in numerous shades of colors such as black, gray, orange, copper, bronze, green, and blue which enable one to produce a kaleidoscopic pattern on the floor.