How To Look Younger & Slimmer

I want to look heavy and old.” SAID NO WOMAN EVER!! No matter where you are on your journey to love and accept your body…dressing in a way that fits and flatters your shape is always going to feel AND look better. I’m not suggesting you need to be someone you’re not…or perfect. Perfect just isn’t attainable. I’m the biggest proponent of loving the shape you have right now, whether you are at your goal or not. Looking good on the outside actually begins as an inside job. It starts with a desire to feel good which leads to confidence which then allows you to use fashion as a powerful (and fun!) tool. So… if you can create a more flattering shape with some simple style tweaks, why not, right?? I’m going to show you exactly how to do that!

For more style tips to help you look like the very best version of you, be sure to watch my videos on how to look more youthful AND less frumpy here.

How To Look Younger, Erin Busbee of Busbee in a before and after wearing a big striped top, black jeans and black boots on the left and a Frame striped tee, Veronica beard flared jeans, and black booties on the right

1)  Ditch Horizontal Stripes

Where are my stripe lovers? Boy, do I love me some stripes!! It makes me think I might hop onto a yacht at any moment. BUT, the Hamburglar-style stripes on the left aren’t the most flattering on many of us because they visually make us look wider.

Wide Stripes…

The top on the left adds volume to the tummy and hips, it’s too long, and the tie on the side is outdated, unflattering, and adds strange volume to my hips. The pants and shoes are fine, but you can definitely swap them out for a pair of jeans to look more modern! Be careful of “matchy-matchy” outfits like this.

How I Fixed It…

If you’re going to wear stripes, choose thin, diagonal, or vertical stripes instead. This v-neck Frame tee has cool, skinny diagonal stripes that are WAY more flattering and slimming (tucked or untucked). I also swapped the pants for some high-waisted flare jeans that are much more flattering and help to define your waist. And the shoes I’m wearing have an almond-shaped toe to lengthen my legs.

How To Look Younger, Erin Busbee of Busbee in a before and after wearing a gray tie front cardigan with black pants and old lady shoes on the left in the before picture. And a long rust colored cardigan, dark wash jeans, and brown boots on the right in the after picture

2) Less is Sometimes MORE

It can be tempting to buy pieces with ‘more’ details, but when in doubt, less can be MORE. Some design details can draw the eye to places you don’t really want to highlight.

Problems On Left…

The cardigan has a tie detail that’s actually highlighting the belly! It is framing the lower belly which isn’t an issue for me, but it’s a common problem area for many women. It’s adding more fabric and bulk around the tummy and draws the eye there. If that’s your problem area, make sure you avoid details like this. Again, these pants are fine…but they could be better. And the shoes are definitely worth swapping out!

How I Fixed It…

I swapped the short cardigan for an elongating option. It feels more modern because of the length and simplicity. Next, I threw on some high-rise, dark-wash jeans that make the look more youthful. And a pair of chic brown booties. Your shoe choice can completely change the way your outfit looks…shoes are SO important! If you missed my video on frumpy shoes that are ruining your outfits, make sure you watch it!

How to look younger, Erin Busbee in a before and after picture wearing a floral tee, white pants, and old lady sandals on the left and a Veronica Beard floral blouse with dark wash flare jeans and Rothy's flats on the right

3) Skip Over-Sized Florals

Florals are always on-trend, but they aren’t the easiest to style. Don’t get me wrong… some women can pull them off effortlessly, but for most of us, oversized florals should be left in the garden. In fact, floral prints, in general, are very tricky. They can look cheap and tacky so easily.

Problems on Left…

This oversized, bold, floral print tunic isn’t great. The scale of the print isn’t flattering and the length is also bad since the bold print will only emphasize and make your tummy, butt, hips, and thighs look larger.
On my lower half, I have on matchy-matchy white pants and a pair of frumpy sandals. This look would be better with regular jeans, but the top is pretty bad and not really fixable.

How I Fixed It…

If you’re going to wear a floral print…opt for a top like the one on the right that has a smaller-scale, sophisticated print. This blouse is also shorter and has a flattering, open neckline!
I paired it with some cropped jeans and Rothy’s flats. These flats are cute but run narrow!

How To Look Younger, Erin Busbee of Busbee warning to beware of matching sets that are frumpy including a tiger print matching set on the left and a pink tie dye matching set by Alo Yoga on the right

4) Beware of therethe Matching Set

I am obsessed with matching sets! However, they can be challenging…there are some really chic and sophisticated matching sets out there. But there are also sets that will make you look awful…

Problems on Left…

Enter Exhibit A… this animal print loungewear set. This is WILD for all the WRONG reasons. I mean… bad, bad, bad! Wowza.

How I Fixed It…

I know some of you love color and prints, so instead of going with a solid set, I wanted to show you a more subtle print in a flattering and feminine neutral color palette. This Beyond Yoga set in a light pink tie-dye is also VERY soft! Make sure you check out this post with some of my favorite sets and loungewear.

How To Look Younger, Erin Busbee of Busbee in a before and after wearing a white tunic top with leopard print details on the pocket and cuffs on the left and a white button down and leaopard clutch by Clare V on the right

5) Pay Attention to Pockets

Where are the pockets?? In most cases, pockets will draw attention. If you have a sweater with big giant pockets at the hips, it will draw the eye there and make your hips look bigger, which is a place that many women don’t want to add bulk!

Problems On Left…

Then there’s another pocket problem…. THIS. This long tunic button-down has leopard print cuffs and a leopard pocket. It may seem like a modern detail, but it’s actually not flattering or youthful.

How I Fixed It…

A safer bet is to add your print pop through accessories like this leopard clutch by Clare V. By the way… this button-down is by Foxcroft and it’s non-iron!! The shorter length and more body-skimming silhouette of this shirt are MUCH more flattering, don’t you think?

How To Look Younger, Erin Busbee of Busbee in a before and after wearing a black and white bold necklace on the left and a chic gold collar necklace on the right

Bonus! Make Tasteful Jewelry Choices

I get it… you love bold accessories! You want to add excitement to your look, but choosing the right pieces is key. You can still choose bold jewelry, just make sure it’s tasteful, chic, and sophisticated!

Problems On Left…

This necklace is so big, heavy, and bulky. It completely overpowers you and your outfit. It’s also not modern at all.

How I Fixed It…

Instead, I swapped the necklace for a more understated, classic gold necklace. It is still impactful, adding a wonderful pop to the look, but far more modern and sophisticated.

Which one of these tips is your favorite? Which “don’t” do you think is the worst?? Please share in the comments below!

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