How to shop with a credit card securely

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The internet has become a game-changer transforming even online shopping. It has made it possible to shop right from the comfort of your home.  All you need is to have a device that can access the internet, such as a smartphone or a computer. However, despite online shopping being widely prevalent, specific concerns have been raised. One of the major concerns being the safety of using credit cards on online shopping sites. One way to ensure secure shopping with your credit card is by using online review sites such as to find legit online shopping site. Avoid negatively reviewed sites, especially while all the negative reviews point out a similar issue. This article covers how you can use a credit card to shop online securely.

Investigate the URL and the merchant

If you get an email containing a link to a particular online shopping website. Do not shop through such a link. Instead, use a search engine on your browser to look at the merchant’s name, or if you know the address, you can go to the site directly. This shields your device from a potential phishing attack where fraudsters utilise addresses and logos that seem official, tricking you into handing over your personal information. If the merchant you are shopping from isn’t well known. Use social media, blogs, search engine and the merchant website and look at customer reviews and see if they have had any complaints regarding the retailer, its products and security features. While at the checkout, before you enter your credit card information, have a second look at the web page’s address, just in case through the shopping process a step went wrong, landing you on an insecure website that is deceptively similar to the official page of the merchant.

Always use a secure connection and a private device

Ensure that you always do your shopping away from possibly nosy public devices. With shared computers such as those in libraries or cyber caf├ęs, your login information can be saved by the websites, which leaves your accounts possibly susceptible to the next user. Even after logging out of the merchants account in a public computer, there’s the risk of spyware which could be installed gaining access to your personal information, credit card numbers, password, usernames, and even recording the keystrokes that you make. A safe way to go about online shopping is to use your tablet or laptop. However, even when using personal devices, be cautious not to use public Wi-Fi connections. Instead, use also a private Wi-Fi connection. You can also opt for a more secure option by using a virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt your data. It provides an additional security layer to both public and private networks.

Make use of the security features of your credit card app

Credit card mobile applications usually have a wide variety of security features that can be set up to avoid your account from being scammed: These features include:

Accounts alert: 

There may be an option to set up alerts through email or text for “Card not present” transactions. You can also set a limit of a certain amount, and when a transaction exceeds this sum, you get notified. Alerts will help you in identifying unauthorised transactions, and you will thus initiate a dispute quickly.

Two-factor authentication: 

Having a two-factor authentication is very beneficial to your credit card. It ensures that even if a person were to find out your credit card’s login details, they would not access more information from your credit card. In addition to your password and login information, two-factor authentication will need a second step, such as a password through email or text, to guarantee that you want to gain access to the account. As a general safety practice, do not use the same password and login-ins on different website and apps. Particularly for credit cards do not repeat their login details on other merchant websites and apps.

Have routine maintenance

Some of the maintenance efforts that will help keep your credit card details secure are:

  • Ensuring that you regularly update browser apps, anti-virus software and firewalls on your device.
  • Utilising strong password and changing them regularly.
  • Taking your time to review your credit card statement for unauthorised transactions.

In conclusion, while shopping online is convenient, flexible and fast, it may pose a security risk, especially to your credit card. This article has covered how you can shop online securely with your credit card.