How To Style Y2K Outfits For Spring/Summer Trend 2023

How To Style Y2K Outfits For Spring/Summer Trend 2023
Y2K fashion trend

The Y2K fashion trend is back since in the midst 2022. The prevalence of this trend also has an online market accessibility angle that makes it easy to get authentic Y2K styles for Gen Z fashionistas. And this trend was popularized by Jacquemus in his Fall/Winter 2022 fashion looks which became popular on social media such as TikTok and Instagram. In fact, this style also seen on New York Fashion Week for Spring 2023.

What is Y2k Style?

Y2K fashion is dressing style that popular in the late 90’s to early 2000’s. Y2K itself stands for Year 2000 because it was popular in the early 2000s. Especially at the end of 2021, the Y2K trend has been widely applied by millennials around the world.

Y2K Fashion Trends For Spring/Summer 2023

While the overall Y2K fashion can be a bit styles from head to toe, as we saw on the catwalk, street fashion, you try to pick and mix your favorite elements. Y2K has never been a definite rule. It’s a trend without a trend, where you’re guaranteed to be safe by fashion watchers approving your look.

1.     Low-rise Pants

Low-rise pants are one of Y2K’s fashion trends that will be huge comeback in Spring/Summer 2023. Pants with a low waist and widened bottom are perfect for those with long legs. Usually, models of jeans or cargo pants with acid washed colors have a low-rise cut, which is the mainstay of the millennial generation to wear the Y2K fashion trend correctly.

2.     Ribbed Cardigans

Front-button cardigans became one of the vintage fashion items that were popular in the 90s. If you are familiar with the film Clueless, surely you know the fashion trend of wearing crop-cut cardigans in bright colors. You can combine embroidery cardigans with turtleneck tops, knit blouses or striped tops.

3.     Denim On Denim

Fashionistas are making sexy denim for the Spring/Summer 2023. Keep in mind, denim isn’t always all about blue. You can also try denim trends in other color patterns, such as black and white. To make it more stylish, you can also mix and match with other accessories, such as bags and shoes.

4.     Shorts Or Mini Skirts

Those styles make it very easy for every girl to style Y2K-fashion with mini skirts or shorts. Bright colors are key here, as well as pattern, so choose for brighter colors that will bring nostalgic to your outfit, while keeping it high by choosing luxurious fabrics like leather and wool. To beat this trend in the warmer months, team your miniskirt with acrop top and sneakers for a relaxed yet elevated look.

5.     Printed Scarf

Not only for the outfit, accessories such as bandana with scarves also one of the Y2K fashion trends. Printed bandanas from silk or satin materials give trendy glamor looks in the 90s. Apart from being used as a hair accessory, you can also use a long scarf for a crop top.

How To Style Y2K Outfits For Spring/Summer Trend 2023

6.     Dress Over The Jeans

The trend dress over the jeans trend also one of the popular styles that you must try to follow Y2k Fashion. One examples dresses with pants inspired by Rosé BLACKPINK.

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7.     Slip Dresses

This piece is also one of millennial generation choices to apply the Y2K fashion trend in early 2023. To make it comfortable to wear on a daily basis, you can combine a slip dress with a cardigan or use a T-shirt in a brighter color.

How To Style Y2K Outfits For Spring/Summer Trend 2023

8.     Baby Tees

These baby tees are small t-shirts with a crop cut. This shirt will look cute, because it has a text or character image on the design. You can pair baby tees with loose-cut jeans or pleated skirts. Guaranteed to make Y2k OOTD look more fun!

9.     Kitsch Accessories

These chic accessories form a major part of any respectable ’00s outfit, so of course, you should add it to your 2023 wardrobe to stock up on nostalgic pieces that wouldn’t look out of place in The Simple Life.

10.  Sheer Outfits

In 2023, the “bare it look” dressing goes from the red carpet – and have been trending forever on street style.

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