Savor delicious birthday cakes


No celebration is complete without the presence of a cake. It is absolutely true when it comes to auspicious events like birthday. Most of the people are not quite familiar with the tradition of birthdays, the main purpose of commemorating a birthday and so on.

Cake is a type of sweet dessert, which is usually baked in ovens. Some of the common ingredients used to prepare cakes include flour, sugar, egg, butter (oil), and margarine. Besides that, cashew nuts, cocoa and certain extracts from vanilla along with leavening agents like baking soda are also added to form a rich flavor.

According to the legends, the first birthday cake was prepared in Germany during the Middle Ages. The German often celebrate their children’s birthday and nicked named it as ‘Kinder fest’. Cakes are believed to be an earlier version of bread and later it was named as ‘Geburtstagorten’.

During the period …

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