Ultimate Skincare Tips While On Airplane Trip

How to take care of your skin while on the plane? In fact, each individual has a different skin response to humidity while on board (especially during long flights). But in general, to deal with skin problems while on the plane, you can start with exfoliating before the trip and closing it with the right moisturizer.

What do we need to prepare our journey?

Let’s scroll down below for Ultimate Skincare Tips While On Airplane Trip:

Before flight

  • Exfoliate face 4-5 days before departure day
  • Extra skin hydration with a serum or sheet mask
  • Use SPF before the plane is boarding, re-apply every 2 hours (if sitting near the window)

When in flight

  • Re-apply facial and body moisturizer
  • Re-apply SPF (day flight)
  • If necessary, wash your face first before re-applying
  • Drink plenty water during the trip

After flight

Weather changes during flights and arriving at destinations will be quite extreme. Let the skin adapt to room temperature and keep re-applying SPF before outdoor activities.

Skincare tips depends on the weather:


  • Drink mineral water at least 2 liters per day
  • Wash your face at least 2 times a day or after sweating with facial wash
  • Re-apply a minimum SPF 50 sunscreen all over the body and face
  • Use a light moisturizer
  • Extra protection with a hat and sunglasses

Cold weather

  • Use the moisturizer more often with cream or balm or petrolium gel
  • Do not wash your face with warm/hot water
  • Always use SPF 50 sunscreen
  • Use lip balm and hand cream regularly
  • Extra protection with a scarf, hat and gloves

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