What To Look For In A Quality Lasso Rope

A lasso rope is essential for kids who want to learn the art of roping. It can help them develop hand-eye coordination, confidence, exercise, and aiming.

This lasso rope is suitable for children between three and 12. It features a Honda burner and is made from nylon. Its standard length is ideal for throwing over close and far away targets.


Suitable for kids of all ages, this rope is made from nylon and has the right stiffness to get kids started in roping. It comes with a dummy steer head and gloves to help kids learn how to spin the rope.

A lasso is a long piece of rope that cowboys use to capture cattle. It has a small, reinforced loop at one end called a Honda or hondo that a roper threads a string through to create a noose. The Honda can be formed by a Honda knot, an eye splice, seizing, or rawhide.

Modern lassos are made from materials like nylon and hemp that are more durable than horsehair and cowhide. Maguey ropes, made from agave strands, are also popular among modern ropers. They are often thicker and heavier, making them better for trick roping than thin, lighter ropes. However, they may be less versatile for beginners.


One of the most important aspects of a quality lasso rope is its length. A lasso should be long enough to allow you to make a complete loop around a target without making any adjustments. This is especially important if you use your lasso for trick roping.

The length of a lasso is also essential when determining how easy it will be for you to throw. A shorter lasso will be easier to maneuver and pitch, while a longer one may be more difficult for beginners.

Another factor to consider when choosing a lasso rope is its weight. A heavier lasso will be harder to maneuver, but it can also be more durable. On the other hand, a lighter lasso can be more easily thrown, but it may need to be more durable.


A quality lasso rope should be soft to allow beginners to work out the feel of the lasso. This softness is called lay. If the lasso is too stiff, it will be easier for kids to learn roping skills.

It’s also vital that the lasso be easy to hold in the hand. This will give the child a good feel for the lasso and make it easier to throw.

It’s a good idea to store the lasso in a rope bag to keep it moisture-free. If a lasso is stored damp, it will quickly become stiff and unusable. It’s a good idea to take the lasso out for a few short throws every week or so to keep it soft and ready for use. You can also use talcum powder to help keep the lasso feeling smooth and flexible. This will also help the lasso hold its shape when not in use.


A lasso rope should be lightweight for beginners to work with. If the lasso is too heavy, it will be easier to throw correctly. However, if the cord is too light, it will not be strong enough to grab an animal or maintain a flat loop.

A quality lasso rope will have a small, reinforced loop at the end known as a Honda or Hondo. This is where the lasso will be threaded to form its hoop when thrown.

The best lasso rope for kids will have a Hondo with taped abrasion-resistant material to make it easy for children and adults. It will have a medium lay and a leather burner to ensure it is sturdy. It will also have a built-in swivel that helps prevent kinks. It is also made from high-quality cotton that can last a long time. Moreover, it has passed rigorous child safety testing.