5 Awesome Ways to Plan Your Backyard for the Holidays

 5 Awesome Ways to Plan Your Backyard for the Holidays
Photo by David Bartus / Pexels

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means constant gatherings with family and friends. So you will unbox your Christmas ornaments and start wrapping the presents.

If you plan to host some holiday parties or transform your backyard into a Christmas haven, some tweaks here and there are the order of the day. You will want your place to look great this festive season if only to truly get into the holiday spirit more fully.

Of course, while you can go all out and opt for elaborate decorations, you may also consider no-fuss ideas that will add a touch of happiness to your home and bring extra holiday cheer to passersby.

Pick a Spot to Draw the Eye

Choosing a focal point that will tie all the elements in your holiday decorations together will give your backyard a seamless, on-theme look. You may elect your front porch as the main attraction. Of course, you will need to prepare it—for example, by upgrading the spot with composite decking for a one-of-a-kind deck look. This will involve putting up a large, captivating wreath and a good dose of lights strung around the railing to complete the beautiful Christmas view.

Alternatively, choose a large evergreen tree on which you can hang pretty lanterns and build everything around it. You can also install a large Santa statue or a nativity scene. When choosing the focal point, you must ensure that all the other decors complement it so everything will look perfect together.

Accentuate with Fairy Lights

There is nothing like fairy lights to spice up your backyard. If you want to preserve the natural look of your outdoor space and enhance your already impressive back porch setup, you may need to add a few delicate outdoor lights to the landscape to transform the area into a festive mood. You can connect multiple strands of lights to create a dramatic atmosphere. If you want something grander, you can pair simple string lights with illuminated jars to make a stunning display. You can use the big trees in your garden as a base.

Pro tip: You can choose lights you can keep even when the holiday is over. This will give your backyard holiday cheers all year round. Also, if you are conscious of their environmental impact, you may consider using solar fairy lights, which can greatly help minimize their carbon footprint.

Incorporate the Plants in Your Decorations

5 Awesome Ways to Plan Your Backyard for the Holidays
Photo by Pixabay via Pexels

If you want to provide more colors to your yard, use the plants in your garden to do the trick. Seasonal greeneries like berries, evergreen sprigs, and pinecones can make for a festive and bright outdoor space.

Do you prefer unique plant selections that can also be a source of food? Consider growing mushrooms. It does not require too much effort, as it is possible for you to use handy mushroom-growing kits. You can arrange your vegetation in a wintry bucket to make them more on-theme.

You can hang lights around huge pots of flowers to create a unified sight. For a dreamier look, you can scatter votive candles, giving off a calming, flickering glow. It is also possible to set up your dining table on the porch with some green plants display instead of opting for a conventional centerpiece.

Make Sure to Decorate Smart 

It can be tricky to put up all the decorations without a plan. When doing so, make sure to start at the bottom. It can be the base of a tree or the bottom of the back porch stairs. This will allow you to work your way up. This will lend clarity to your work, and you will get a better sense of how the outcome will turn out.

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You can also make smart decorating decisions that will save you time and effort. For example, you may choose parts of the yard that people will see instead of including those hidden from view. You can choose to keep it simple and start small. It is always possible to add to your display later on or expand it in the next holiday season.

Choose Your Decors with Care

If shopping for Christmas lights, you might find the choices overwhelming. You must know what you need before you go to the store. This will mean doing a little research first. You may learn more about the different lights you can use to decorate the whole space. This includes net lights for bushes and blinking lights for the porch. There are rope lights for windows and other kinds of LED lights.

Some Christmas decorations are fresh and will understandably decay when the winter season is over. Synthetic ones might be better if you want them to last. Also, planning where you will buy your decor won’t hurt. Of course, buying online or at the store will give you lots of good deals, but you might find better items when you shop secondhand. This will also help you save a few bucks.

Wrapping It Up

Holiday decorations will never go out of style. Planning to decorate your backyard will require a lot of work. Some may even see it as a chore, which does not have to be. You can always rely on your creativity and resourcefulness to pull up a breathtaking display that your guests and even passersby will admire.

Plus, you don’t have to break the bank to accomplish this task. You can explore thrift stores and buy secondhand instead. The trick is to apply your own personal touch to the decors and make the whole attraction truly your own. It will ensure a festive mood for all the holiday dinners you are itching to host.

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