How To Style Oversized Scarf For Winter Outfit

For anyone who is already watching street style for this winter probably thought the current clothing trend would be towards “knitwear”. Either way, choose chunky wool or classy cashmere in neutrals or classics, outfit yourself in the bold version, and have fun in this warm all-over. By the way, we’re in love with the oversized scarf style ones, which looks great with coats, simple jeans, boots and other accessories.

What is An Oversized Scarf?

Thick and wide scarves are pieces of winter clothing made from materials such as wool, cashmere, or fleeces that are worn around the neck for warmth and added statement style in the cold season. These neck scarves can complete an outfit or be a statement piece with current trend. Winter scarves are usually made of thicker fabrics, while lighter, colorful scarves can be worn as clothing accessories in warmer weather.

How To Style Oversized Scarf?

There are several ways to style your favorite oversized scarf—choose the most comfortable way to create your own look, or try one of the popular ones below:

Be Colorful

Take full advantage of colors and designs, and don’t be afraid to mix them up. Throw a big knit scarf over a coat, or dress cool in off-white and taupe.

Choose The Neutral Scarf

Style your neutral scarf as a classic wrap, double knot or braided knot, go for a sophisticated wrap, or stick to the endless simplicity of seamless shapes.

For formal occasions

Style them with your favorite black dress, oversized white coat as the photo below. Don’t forget high knee boots for make a statement look for formal occasions.

Choose the pattern

When snowy days, we might feel colorless. You can pick the colorful patterned scarf to make an outfit.

Puffy Jacket

You can style your fav oversized scarf with puffy jacket. Choose the neutral one to make it less colorful.

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White scarf on trend

If you see it anywhere, the white scarf trend is almost anywhere this winter. You can pair them with any outfit, such as leather pants and white blazer.

The Parisian Vibe

This is the most stylish and yet easiest way to style your oversized scarf. Why don’t you try parisian vibe, with those hats and earth tones vibes everyhting looks warm!

Extra fur

We know, some of you maybe don’t take it as main styling tips for extra fur. But, you can choose lighter fur jacket and bucket hat to make it warmer without looking weird.

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