Must-Buy Kitchen Equipment!

The kitchen is a very obligatory place in a house. The presence of a kitchen in the house is a place for activities such as cooking or serving dishes. Before carrying out cooking activities, the following are important equipment that must be met when going to cook.

1. Dispenser receptacle attachment

Soap or shampoo dispensers are probably common. However, it seems that not many have dispenser containers in the kitchen. Now, with this tool, besides you don’t have to bother taking a spoon and opening the lid, it also makes the kitchen more aesthetic, you know. With one easy button to delete contents. Mama can use this tool to accommodate cereals to nuts.

2. Basin as well as a cut grater

Making various dishes from various regions usually requires cutting vegetables in different shapes. Some need to be cut lengthwise or diced. Now, with this tool, you don’t have to bother cutting vegetables one by one.
All you have to do is put vegetables such as potatoes and carrots on a certain blade and they will immediately be cut according to their shape. You also don’t need to move it to another place to wash it.

3. Multifunctional tiny electric pot

This tiny electric pot is perfect for indoor use. He can cook a variety of dishes from fried eggs to making soup. This tiny pot can also be used for steaming.
You only need to plug it into a power source and press the on/off button in front of it. So, what dishes can be made with this pot?

4. The corner shelf of the sink is triangular in shape

To store fruit, vegetables or cutlery that has been washed, you need a place that is multifunctional and versatile. One of them is this corner shelf. Besides being able to store vegetables or fruit for a while to drain after washing, this tool can also accommodate cutlery.
Its tall shape allows it to accommodate large amounts of goods. With this tool, you won’t see water dripping down the kitchen counter after washing vegetables, fruit or cutlery.

5. Multipurpose magnetic box

So that the kitchen looks neat, don’t let everything be scattered and disorderly. Use boxes to hold Mama’s various kitchen utensils. This box with magnets and opening is one of them.
Its modern design, minimalist shape and easy stacking make it the right choice for storing various kitchen supplies. Guaranteed to make the kitchen tidier!

6. Tissue roll hanger

Who has kitchen paper but always forgets where to put it? Well, with this tool that won’t happen again. This kitchen tissue hanger can be placed and hung on Mama’s storage cupboard door. Its flexible and portable design is designed for tissue rolls.

7. Multifunction manual fruit juicer

Want to make fresh orange juice but can’t squeeze it by hand? Mom really needs this tool. With this manual juicer, you don’t have to put a lot of effort into squeezing oranges.
This manual juicer for fruit can be used for almost any fruit. In addition, there is a container for holding fruit juice.

8. Multi-purpose seasoning place

For Mama who separates between dirty kitchens and clean kitchens, they definitely need this tool. This multi-functional seasoning box is easy to take anywhere.

9. Kitchen hanger for glasses

The hanger that can be attached to this kitchen storage cupboard is very multifunctional. Not only for glasses, this tool can also be used to hang cloths to cooking utensils such as silk and spatula.
The shape that resembles a glass is sure to be a lot of people who are mistaken about this container.
Apparently this tool can also be used as a container for soup, you know. You can also use it for hot or cold drinks or liquid food. The shape is similar to a thermos but smaller, making it suitable for traveling.