New York City Record Store Memories (15)

This article is about the preferred areas and plantations on Hilton Head Island. A plantation is that this context refers to a gated community that has its personal services corresponding to swimming swimming pools, tennis courts, golf programs, procuring areas, entertainment centers, and so forth.

Awesome hub! Growing up I would spend hours in different file shops. Now most of them have closed down. It is definitely unhappy to see part of your youth disappear like that. As file shops disappear from the panorama at a daunting fee, I feel dangerous for future generations who will never be able to make Rock N Roll Record Store Tour recollections of their own. Screw on-line purchasing, youngsters. Get your asses into a REAL report store!! Hi Witchfinder – Sad to hear that you simply did not discover anything at Bob’s in ’03. It had been a few years since I’d visited there but within the 80s and 90s there was always something interesting there in case you did a little digging, be it a demo tape by a neighborhood thrash band or a rare punk 7-inch. Since, Folly area is not a plantation and subsequently open to locals and residents alike it has the sensation of a seaside resort. Again, this will work to the benefit of youngsters as they’ll mingle with the locals.

Another peculiarity about Forest Beach is its seaside. As talked about earlier, Forest Beach is an ungated area and subsequently, open to everyone. As a end result, the beach might be the most crowded on the island. Due to this there are a variety of vendors on the seashore which makes it simple to seek out whatever you need then and there. Thanx Spartucus…I see I’m not the one one who misses the times when you can spend an entire Saturday going from record retailer to file store, scrounging for long-misplaced goodies. Awesome, Alex! Yeah, I’m a toddler of the Eighties so I’m simply getting into my midlife crisis part now, haha. At least I got to benefit from the tail finish of the file retailer period before they all disappeared. Thanks for the remark.

For me this is the perfect setup as I can spend time strolling and relaxing in a quiet place and go to Coligny Plaza after I am in the mood for some entertainment. I suspect I’m a bit older than you but I too miss the outdated report stores. We had a few good ones in Rhode Island where my mates and I would go and purchase doo-wop data. By the way, despite the fact that I’m in my 60s, I love heavy metal – favourite group: Blue Oyster Cult. Keep rockin’! Third, there’s a three mile seaside that is open solely to Palmetto Dune residents and friends and an eleven mile lagoon that is unique to the plantation. This lagoon is a major attraction if you are enthusiastic about canoeing, fishing or kayaking.

Here in Tampa we had tons of stores, Vinyl Fever, Devinyl Museum, Ace’s Record, and I might go on and on. Even the mainstream music shops in our area are closed, FYE, Camelot, and even Walmart has in the reduction of on their music selection. In Tampa not a small city just one store stands, which is Sound Exchange which is a kick ass store however I do miss spending Saturday afternoon seeking to score that lengthy lost disc or treasure. It has its own golf courses and tennis services. In fact the famous tennis heart, Van Der Meer Tennis middle, is part of the plantation. However, that’s more of less it. Apart from a huge and quiet seashore there’s nothing extra to do on the plantation. There aren’t many locations to eat or store inside but Coligny Plaza could be very shut and if you are in want of some action then you may go there.