New York City Record Store Memories (8)

We’d usually end our tour (assuming we nonetheless had money left) by hitting the big Tower Records store at 66th and Broadway. Tower additionally had a store on 4th Street but the Uptown retailer was absolutely massive, with 2 sprawling floors of music, books, and videos to peruse. To today, Tower is the one report store I’ve ever been in that was sufficiently big to wish an elevator!

First, it hosts quite a lot of events and actions during the summers including exhibits by the famous entertainer Shannon Tanner. Shannon Tanner is great with children and if you are touring with little ones then this aspect alone ought to make you stay at Palmetto Dunes. Most of those packages and occasions are held at Shelter Cove which has quite a few retailers and restaurants. Folly Field has a seashore named Singleton that remains uncrowded for many occasions of the 12 months as the folly restricts access to it from the north. This folly additionally attracts numerous fish which makes Singleton an excellent place for fishing. There is famous bar called Coco’s at the beach which could be a excellent spot to take pleasure in a few drinks. I’ve by no means been to Cincy but I’m informed it used too have a fairly first rate metal scene, sounds like Phil’s Records was a fairly candy place.

Here in Tampa we had tons of shops, Vinyl Fever, Devinyl Museum, Ace’s Record, and I may go on and on. Even the mainstream music stores in our space are closed, FYE, Camelot, and even Walmart has cut back on their music choice. In Tampa not a small metropolis only one retailer stands, which is Sound Exchange which is a kick ass store however I do miss spending Saturday afternoon looking to score that lengthy lost disc or treasure. It has its own golf programs and tennis facilities. In reality the famous tennis heart, Van Der Meer Tennis heart, is a part of the plantation. However, that is more of much less it. Apart from an enormous and quiet seashore there may be nothing extra to do on the plantation. There aren’t many locations to eat or shop inside but Coligny Plaza may be very shut and if you are in want of some action then you may go there.

For me that is the ideal setup as I can spend time walking and stress-free in a quiet place and go to Coligny Plaza once I am within the temper for some leisure. I suspect I’m a bit older than you however I too miss the outdated record stores. We had a few good ones in Rhode Island where my buddies and I would go and purchase doo-wop information. By the best way, despite the fact that I’m in my 60s, I love heavy metallic – favourite group: Blue Oyster Cult. Keep rockin’! Third, there’s a 3 mile seashore that is open solely to Palmetto Dune residents and guests and an 11 mile lagoon that is unique to the plantation. This lagoon is a serious attraction if you are fascinated with canoeing, fishing or kayaking.

Another peculiarity about Forest Beach is its seashore. As mentioned earlier, Forest Beach is an ungated area and subsequently, open to everybody. As a result, the beach might be the most crowded on the island. Due to this there are quite a lot of distributors on the seaside which makes it simple to find no matter you need then and there. Thanx Spartucus…I see I’m not the only one who misses the days when you possibly can spend a whole Saturday going from report store to report retailer, scrounging for long-lost goodies. Awesome, Alex! Yeah, I’m a baby of the Nineteen Eighties so I’m simply coming into my midlife crisis part now, haha. At least I obtained to benefit from the tail end of the record retailer era before they all disappeared. Thanks for the comment.