Savor delicious birthday cakes


No celebration is complete without the presence of a cake. It is absolutely true when it comes to auspicious events like birthday. Most of the people are not quite familiar with the tradition of birthdays, the main purpose of commemorating a birthday and so on.

Cake is a type of sweet dessert, which is usually baked in ovens. Some of the common ingredients used to prepare cakes include flour, sugar, egg, butter (oil), and margarine. Besides that, cashew nuts, cocoa and certain extracts from vanilla along with leavening agents like baking soda are also added to form a rich flavor.

According to the legends, the first birthday cake was prepared in Germany during the Middle Ages. The German often celebrate their children’s birthday and nicked named it as ‘Kinder fest’. Cakes are believed to be an earlier version of bread and later it was named as ‘Geburtstagorten’.

During the period of seventeenth century B.C., most of the birthday cakes were prepared using a blend of icing, layers and it was beautifully adorned with elegant flowers. Since the price of ingredients was expensive, only those people who belong to the Upper Class society consumed it.

However, food items as well as baking equipments were easily accessible for all groups of people at affordable rates. As a result, the price of cakes dropped which led to the increase in the production of cakes worldwide.

What is the history behind placing candles on a Birthday cake?

The Greeks introduced the concept of placing candles on the top of a Birthday cake. The local residents of Greece would prepare round-shaped cakes in order to honor the goddess of the moon named ‘Artemis’. Later, they would light the candles, which symbolize the glow of the moon. The smoke discharged from the candles signifies offering their prayers to the God almighty.

However, few scholars negated or opposed the fact with respect to preparation of birthday cakes at Greece. They believed that it had initially begun in Germany, where the candles were placed on the top of the cake symbolizing “a bright future”. Today, most of the countries across the globe commemorate birthdays by preparing cakes, lighting candles along with birthday wishes and songs.

The total number of candles placed on the birthday cake indicates the corresponding age of a person. Most of the people believe that a silent wish should be executed while blowing the entire candles at a single breath. Your birthday wish should not be revealed to other people in order to get it fulfilled or succeed.

Types of cakes

Today, you have plenty of options to choose from complex varieties of cakes and flavors in India. A red velvet cake topped with cream cheese frosting, vanilla bean topped with butter-cream frosting and classic chocolates are some of the top flavors, which are currently available via reliable online cake stores and physical stores all across India. If you are looking for sending cakes to India, you can place order with online cake store or physical store in India. The advantage with online cake store is that you will be able to buy the cake while sitting at home and deliver it in any city of India.

Nowadays, many people organize birthday celebrations to express utmost care and affection to those guests present in the event.